Saturday, June 1, 2013

Baby Quackers rescued from on coming traffic!

I've been trying so hard to keep my blinders on from finding any more strays and homeless animals, I'm a magnet for them and I can't take in any more. And while I'm driving to pickup supplies for orders  WHAM right in the middle of the road is a baby duckling on his back like a turtle! Long story short there was traffic coming from all directions and momma duck with more ducklings were waiting for him to get up but he couldn't, there was something wrong with his feet. All of them were going to be hit by cars. I stopped to grab this little guy, and another gent jumped out of his car to stop on coming traffic and to shoo mom and babies to safety. Little baby Quackers settled right into my hand. Luckily there was a Petsmart right there and they hooked me up with a small critter box and gave me numbers to wildlife rescues. I picked up the hubby and went right over. Quackers little feet were swollen, maybe something bit him, so they took him in to give him meds & antibiotics. I hope little Quackers makes it he was sooooo super cute! I'm going to go shoe shopping now, hubby wishes that I would come home with shoes instead of rescues ahahahaha.  I swear God just throws the animals right in front of me to rescue them, even when I'm trying not to find any more! Ahahhahaha oh by the way you may see me on YouTube everyone in there stopped cars were taking pics, maybe to report me for snatching a wild duckling LOL

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